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Affinity (Virago V S.) by Sarah Waters

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Affinity is the work of an intense and atmospheric imagination . . . Sarah Waters is such an interesting writer, a kind of feminist Dickens’ Fiona Pitt-Kethley, Daily Telegraph

Set in and around the women’s prison at Milbank in the 1870s, Affinity is an eerie and utterly compelling ghost story, a complex and intriguing literary mystery and a poignant love story with an unexpected twist in the tale. Following the death of her father, Margaret Prior has decided to pursue some ‘good work’ with the lady criminals of one of London’s most notorious gaols. Surrounded by prisoners, murderers and common thieves, Margaret feels herself drawn to one of the prisons more unlikely inmates – the imprisoned spiritualist – Selina Dawes. Sympathetic to the plight of this innocent-seeming girl, Margaret sees herself dispensing guidance and perhaps friendship on her visits, little expecting to find herself dabbling in a twilight world of seances, shadows, unruly spirits and unseemly passions.

3 reviews for Affinity (Virago V S.) by Sarah Waters

  1. Poonam Jadaun (Verified Purchase)

    No spoilers but was heartbroken at the ending!! The description of Millbank and the trappings of Victorian niceties! Absolutely loved!!!

  2. Santosh Chaudhary (Verified Purchase)

    Sarah Walters writes superbly. She has extensively researched the details of the Victorian prison. The novel has Gothic elements and a plot which ends in a crescendo of surprises. Very satisfying Neo-Victorianism!

  3. Nidhi singh (Verified Purchase)

    This was a very different novel from Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith, which I read previously and loved. It’s rather dark and sad in comparison, not such a fun read, but very moving. I felt it was especially poignant in that it explored the reality of being a lesbian woman at that time, the way it was treated either as a mental illness or a shameful family secret, or both.

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