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50 Princess Stories by Gallagher Belinda

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50 Princess Stories is a dazzling collection of favourite classics and lesser-known gems with tales of magic, love and adventure to enchant children. • Wonderful tales of royalty, heroes and heroines will enthrall young readers. • Charming artwork and page decorations throughout enhance every story. • Suitable for shared reading for younger children and independent reading for confident readers. With 50 Princess Stories, kids can enter the fairy tale world of princesses with beautiful illustrations that bring make-believe characters, such as damsels in distress and brave heroines and heroes, magically to life. The five chapters inside 50 Princess Stories look at traditional stories of royal beauty and sophistication in ‘The Fairest in the Land’, accounts of feisty females in ‘Gallant Girls and Brave Lasses’, and romantic legends about triumphant underdogs in ‘From Rags to Riches’. This spectacular anthology is the perfect princess story book for kids aged 6+ years who love enchanting adventures. Chapters and stories inside 50 Princess Stories: • The Fairest in the Land chapter includes The Princess Emily, a retelling of The Knight’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer • Enchanting Adventures chapter includes The Twelve Dancing Princesses by the Brothers Grimm • Gallant Girls and Brave Lasses chapter includes Ozma and the Little Wizard by L Frank Baum • From Rags to Riches chapter includes The Mother and the Daughter who Worshipped the Sun by Flora Annie Steel • Happily Ever After chapter includes The Frog Princess, a traditional Russian tale The opening of The Frog Princess: There was once a king who said to his three sons, “Let each of you shoot an arrow. The maiden who brings it back will be your bride.” The eldest shot an arrow and a princess brought it back. The middle son let loose an arrow and a general’s daughter brought it back. But Prince Ivan’s arrow fell into a marsh and was brought back by a frog. The first two brothers were joyful but Prince Ivan was downcast. He wept, but there was nothing for it, he had to marry the frog.


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